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Sponsor your local school and benefit too

Sponsor your local school and benefit too

We are very grateful to companies for supporting their local School in running the Be the Best you can Be! Programme.

By supporting your local School you could also benefit substantially and would receive:

An HR Benefit

Your managers and/or other staff will be afforded the opportunity to join the teaching staff at the school and participate in the coaching workshop, thereby enhancing their facilitation skills. This workshop will be delivered by a highly skilled business coach.

A PR Benefit

Publicity of your support through local press when one of our Special Speakers (including Olympians & Paralympians) visits the school to launch the Programme with the students.

A Corporate Social Responsibility Benefit

As some of your employees may be the parents of participating students you will be investing directly in their futures - possibly your future workforce!

We look forward to working with you in developing your relationship with your local School and the broader community.

For more information please get in touch.