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Stressed by School?

These days, education and stress seem to go hand in hand, and it appears that the situation is getting worse not better.

What's happened to the stress levels of staff and students in your school over recent times?

What impact is that level of stress having and in which direction is that stress continuing to head?

The drivers of staff and student stress will vary in each school. For staff, they tell us their stressors include SATs/GCSEs; Ofsted; managing class sizes and the individual behaviours therein; changes to school funding; academisation; parental involvement, to name but a few! Stressors felt by students have included how they are approaching their SATs/GCSEs, peer pressure and expectations of teachers / parents.

But is stress good or bad? Certainly, when stress becomes negative it inhibits performance; however, top achievers routinely produce their best in very stressful situations. What then makes the difference? Stress becomes negative when there is doubt; a lack of confidence, or a perceived lack of control to achieve a desired outcome.

Our skill is helping people to have increased confidence over whatever is in their control rather than worrying about the result. We help people understand what goes into a performance, which is where control, confidence and belief resides. This puts the performer back in control and allows them to use stressful situations positively, using energy productively and developing true resilience.

Our interventions are not a 'one size fits all', as experience has shown us that no two schools are the same. We focus on the people involved, the school context, and existing processes to develop an intervention that will generate greater clarity of desired outcomes, an understanding of stressors and how they may be approached differently, as well as identifying indicators of changes in stress levels.

We have an incredible team of highly-trained coaches who will work with you and your team to find the best way forward to use your stressors to your advantage. Prices start from £395 for a half day.

To arrange a stress free conversation please contact Jo on 01672 552 349 or email moc/ycagelyrutnects12//ttocannowoj

Life is about weighing up options and making choices. Here's something for you to weigh up. What is a conversation going to cost you? vs What will be the ultimate cost/s if the stress in your school continues to rise?