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Solution Focussed Workshops- coaching workshops designed specifically to meet your challenges

Solution Focussed Workshops

Straightforward, time saving and cost effective solutions to assist you with your challenges - whatever they might be.

We can design a powerful, bespoke coaching workshop for you and your colleagues. Some of the more common issues that we have successfully addressed are:-

Developing Self-Motivation and Engagement

  • Identifying the factors that underpin motivation
  • Generating the desire to engage


  • Helping others to assess setbacks realistically
  • Maintaining self-belief through challenges

Challenging Pupils

  • Identifying the optimal level of challenge
  • Understanding why the challenge might be resisted and how to overcome this

Exam Results and Achievement Progress

  • Identifying current performance limiting factors
  • Nurturing the aspiration to succeed and progress

Parental Input

  • Identifying the most useful parental input for the students
  • Practical steps towards achieving the desired parental input

Creating Independence

  • How to identify and replace the behaviours that feed dependence
  • Linking independence and learning

Health and Emotional Wellbeing

  • Helping others to understand what it takes for them to stay physically and emotionally well
  • Adopting strategies for health and emotional wellbeing

Please contact us to share your requirements - call 01672 552349 or email moc/ycagelyrutnects12//ttocannowoj.