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" Be the Best you can Be! has changed me a lot because it has helped me to find my inner talents and secrets. It has also helped me find a way to achieve my dreams of working as a scientist and astronomer. My future has been planned all because of BTBYCB. If it were a person I would thank it. I have discovered the values for life and the future ahead of me." Y6

" Be the Best you can Be! is a great new type of learning, which I really enjoy. It helps us share our dreams and reach our goals. It's a mixture of writing and creativity. Trying to reach our goals is something that everyone should learn to do. As well as this it helps us to express ourselves as individuals and gain confidence." Y6

" BTBYCB has taught me about comfort zones and new possibilities. No matter how hard something is, we must persevere and find a new way. My new motto is: 'If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you" Y5

" Be The Best You Can Be has helped us to work out our plan A's and Plan B's, just in case plan A does not work. It helps us set realistic goals." Y6

" Be the Best you can Be has changed my approach to learning. I am really trying my best in my work because it is important for my future." Y6

" The Programme has given me a confidence boost and I'm not as scared to try new things anymore." Y4

" It has made me look at where my life is heading and what I would like to do with it. I always knew what I would have done but now I'm going for something more realistic." Y6

" Be the Best you can Be has made me realise I need to work to the best of my ability so I can try new things." Y3

" BTBYCB helped me focus whilst doing my CLIC tests and now I'm a level ahead of where I should be!" Y3

" Without Be the Best you can Be I would not know how to persevere." Y3

" BTBYCB has helped me build my confidence and helped me with challenges" Y4

" Taking part in the Programme has helped me believe anything is possible -you just have to persevere." Y5

" BTBYCB has helped me step out of my comfort zone when challenging things come to me. Finally when I've done it, I've made the magic happen" Y5