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Young Offenders Institutes/Pupil Referral Units

" I believe the programme is very positive and is a great experience. It allows for the tailoring and personalisation that is necessary to work for us. Staff benefited greatly from the coaching elements and they used ideas from the teachers handbook to engage students further. We already work with a role - modelling/coaching ethos so the programme fitted well."

Deputy Head, Westbridge PRU

" We found the best way of implementing the programme in our small PRU was to organise cross curricular whole school days and hand pick some activities to complete in the classroom. This allowed for maximum impact and engagement amongst our students.

Hannah Beharry was our speaker and came to launch the programme. Her speech was really relevant to our students and they sat motionless listening to every word. It couldn't have been better! The students then felt inspired to talk about their own ambitions and any obstacles they may face with staff and Hannah and remained inspired."

Emily, Westbridge PRU

" We had a young person who had been exceptionally rude and showed inappropriate behaviour towards a member of staff. He thought he wasn't doing anything wrong. With the OPEN questioning approach I basically put the thinking back on him and asked him how he thought that it was appropriate to act in this fashion. Without me even asking him,  he got onto how he wouldn't do it in front of his mother/family, he apologized and has not had a single bad comment since then."

Josh, Educator at Feltham YOI