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Testimonials from Schools, Feedback from Teachers and Young Peoples Views


To find out what impact the Be the Best you can Be! Programme can have please take time to browse through School Testimonials, Teacher Feedback and Young Peoples Views.
" We couldn't have picked a better or more inspiring or timely project for Morden Mount than 'Be the Best you Can Be' - the message said it all for a 'Cinderella' school in Serious Weaknesses that serves a very challenging area and had always bumped along the bottom of league tables. Hannah Beharry, World Boxing Champion, was amazing - motivating the children to aim high and challenging stereotypes to achieve their goals and dreams. Staff also really appreciated the training in coaching - some Teaching Assistants saying it was the best INSET they had ever had - and I can see its influence in the way they talk to and encourage pupils in lessons. The children have achieved great results and Morden Mount is now Good with Outstanding features!"

Morden Mount Primary, Greenwich