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Be the Best you can Be! Programme Themes, Intentions and Learning Outcomes

The Secondary Programme

The Programme commences with a Staff Development workshop for teachers and other staff to further their coaching/facilitation skills i.e. effective questioning and enhanced listening. The quality, sensitivity and creativity of these skills are something that can be endlessly developed and through these skills the intent is to raise awareness and responsibility in young people. Teachers as exceptional role models will be invaluable for pupils.

Theme 1: Special Speaker - Programme Launch

A Special Speaker (an Olympian, Paralympian or other High Achiever) shares their journey of achievement and what it took to succeed. To inspire young people to follow their dreams and raise their aspirations and motivation to 'Be the Best they can Be' in whatever field they choose. >>

Theme 2: Visualising and Success Map

Visualising what it took for the Special Speaker to succeed having heard their story, then visualising personal success and creating a success map for each individual. >>

Theme 3: Comfort Zones

Challenging comfort zones and exploring the benefits of taking risks and the first step towards new goals.>>

Theme 4, 5 & 6: Coaching Skills

COACHING is the most important element of the Programme - introducing, exploring and understanding the coaching principles of generating and increasing self-awareness and responsibility. Once a person is more self-aware of their situation they are more able to make choices in how they respond and this is where responsibility is chosen. >>

Theme 7: Values

Exploring and reflecting on the meaning of the Olympic & Paralympic Values and understanding the behaviours associated with them. Encouraging recognition of personal values. >>

Theme 8: Power of Alignment

Introducing the concept that aligning body , mind, emotion and spirit, helps individuals achieve their objectives.>>

Theme 9: Body - Health, Well-being and Fitness

Promoting greater self-awareness and self-responsibility for a sustained healthier lifestyle. Understanding what affects human performance, health and well-being. Making plans for personal improvement to be fitter and healthier. >>

Theme 10: Using the Mind Effectively

Helping individuals to develop a positive mental attitude and share techniques that will help them plan their objectives. >>

Theme 11: Emotions - Enhancing Relationships

Developing emotional intelligence by considering how emotions and values influence our behaviour and how to manage them effectively to nurture good relationships. >>

Theme 12: Spirit

For this Programme 'spirit' means the Inner Power of humans and this theme explores the unique spirit within individuals and how we can co-create, through positive contribution, a better future for each other and our extended communities. >>

Theme 13: Resilience

Understanding the meaning of Resilience and exploring its importance in overcoming adversity, trauma and/or tragedy. >>

Theme 14: Teamwork

Understanding the benefits of co-operation and recognising the qualities and values of a high performing team. >>

Theme 15: Reflection - Self-Managed Leadership

Reflecting on the Programme and the impact it has had on each individual and as a group. Recognising life choices. >>

Theme 16: Celebration Event

A Celebration of what the young people have learned and experienced from the Programme, recognising and celebrating their own achievements and that of others.