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Vision, Mission and Beliefs

Our Vision

That all young people, through coaching, are enabled to achieve their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential as responsible individuals, citizens and members of their communities

Our Mission

To inspire and engage young people through the Be the Best you can Be! Programme to discover their unique potential. This is achieved through enhancing the facilitation / coaching skills of students and their Teachers so as to empower them to pursue and fulfil their dreams

Our Beliefs

That there is a spark of greatness in everyone That the 2012 Games provided a unique opportunity to establish a legacy of inspiring young people

That facilitation and coaching can unlock the potential in each person through increasing their self-awareness and self-responsibility

That the principles of facilitation and coaching should be modelled and reflected by all employees and contractors

That every transaction should be conducted fairly, openly and in a consultative way

That all statements will be factually correct and truthful

That the different elements of the Be the Best you can Be! Programme are integral to achieving our mission and that the Programme should not be divided into smaller parts, namely:

  • Inspiration through the visit and talk of a Special Speaker
  • Engagement through coaching the Teachers in facilitation skills so that they can put themselves on the young person's agenda
  • Empowerment through young people having choice over their behaviour and life, from increased self-awareness and responsibility
That the practical delivery of the Be the Best you can Be! Programme can be adapted for the needs of the audience

That 21st Century Legacy as a brand, including its logo, may not be exploited through public relations or other means to further the business of another organisation other than through acknowledgement of their Corporate Social Responsibility, or by agreement of the Charity's Trustees