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A Biography of Dr David Hemery CBE, Founder of 21st Century Legacy

About David Hemery

Dr David Hemery CBE is the founder of 21st Century Legacy and co-author of the Be the Best you can Be! Programme. He is best known for his days in sport both as Olympic Champion and World Record Holder in the 400m hurdles (Mexico 1968) and later three times winner of the BBC's Superstars.

Since then David has been a coach, Teacher, leader and writer and after being President of UK Athletics is now Life Vice President of the British Olympic Association.

He received a BSc in Business Administration from Boston University, a Certificate of Education in Economics and RE from Oxford University, a Masters in International Education from Harvard and a Doctorate in Education and Social Psychology from Boston University. He is also the author of five books, including 'Sporting Excellence' and 'How To Help Children Find The Champion Within Themselves'.

Video of Mexico Olympic 400m hurdles final